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Our Mission

A world full of happier humans in high-performing organizations


Our Co-Founders

Ronica Roth

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I love watching humans thrive and achieve together.

I believe organizations of all types can elevate how people work together to unleash the potential of individuals and teams at all levels.

As I help you create that kind of organization, I bring a unique combination of strengths:

  • Clarity in shared communication, no jargon

  • Calming. Energy. That creates an environment of purposeful direction

  • Artistic, refreshing new perspectives, seeing the system from a new angle

  • Creating connection, employing an empathy-centric view, bringing it back to the humans inside and outside the building

Ronica's Background

  • Leadership coaching and The Leadership Circle™

  • Lean and agile organizational transformation

  • Product management of services and software products

  • Public speaking on business agility

  • Writing, storytelling and language

  • Creating high-performing teams and leadership team cohesion

  • Growing amazing coaches and coaching communities

  • Teaching agile and scrum (CST Emeritus)

  • Journalism

  • Artistic expression of self and community

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Christine Hudson

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I love galvanizing extended leadership teams to achieve more together.

I work with you and your leadership team to design and facilitate experiences that help people elevate what they believe is possible. 

I coach extended leadership teams in practicing new behaviors, language, and skills--and together, we rapidly improve your results and culture.


Christine's Background

  • Facilitating effective strategy clarity, prioritization, and deployment

  • Leading transformation at scale

  • Training and coaching senior leaders in effective business agility practices
  • Product management, innovation, and early stage company building

  • Customer-centric systems optimization

  • Languages (English, French, Spanish, Programming)

  • Adventuring (hiking, cycling, skiing, climbing, sailing...)


"Ronica brings a wealth of experience in helping coaches grow in their careers. She knows her stuff! She is easy to work with, and helped me improve. She helped deepen my knowledge in design thinking and systems thinking. We explored how critical language and empathy are to any transformation effort, which improves my ability to connect with others and make a difference. All of this has helped me to widen my views and be more impactful as an enterprise coach. I recommend Ronica for any coach who wishes to explore and expand their abilities."
- Kenneth Roberts, owner and coach at Better Ways Agility LLC
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