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Expert Facilitation

Engage an expert, executive-level facilitator to nudge leadership teams to work better together, and to craft meeting experiences that result in improved alignment, decisions, prioritization, and execution.

At The Welcome Elephant we help you change your culture and results by facilitating improved experiences in these common (and uncommon) meetings:

  • Leadership team off-sites on strategy, alignment and work visibility

  • Quarterly and annual planning

  • Critical initiative and change deployment

  • Whole business steering

  • Talent assessment and planning


We often encourage you to include multiple levels of leadership in these meetings, to expand the group of people who have a deep understanding of the whole system. With more of your leaders aligned and well-versed in your organization’s mission, vision and strategy and able to communicate that strategy clearly, more people can contribute effectively to improve results.

In all of these meetings, we help you practice a culture of systems thinking, inclusion and empowerment. With every facilitation technique–from working agreements to the parking lot to the way we lead discussions and collaboration–we help the group see the whole, ensure all voices are heard and support the type of collaborative decision-making that leads to powerful alignment.

Our expert facilitators help bring elephants into the room; help make assumptions visible; provide space for all to be heard quickly and effectively; hold space for healthy conflict, dissension and difficult information surfacing; and provide visual and data-based decision-making frameworks that allow leaders to come to difficult collaborative decisions and powerful alignment--with confidence and without pocket vetoes.

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