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Welcome to The Welcome Elephant

Welcome! We created The Welcome Elephant so we can continue to help leaders build great cultures where happier humans create better results together.

The idea of a welcome elephant grew from two sources:

  1. “The elephant in the room” is a common North American phrase that refers to the taboo topics that no one brings up in meetings. People go to great lengths to avoid these topics–they’ll pretend they don’t exist, dance around them, change the subject, collectively go quiet. Addressing these difficult topics is often critical to unlocking higher performance and great culture.

  2. The Blind Men and The Elephant is a parable: Six blind people–each feeling a different part of an elephant–believe they know what an “elephant” is: It’s like a rope (tail), tree branch (trunk), wall (side), solid pipe (tusk), fan (ear), pillar (leg). It’s only by discussing and sharing information and perspectives that they come to understand the whole being. We use this story to remind us that different parts of an organization see the system–and its challenges and opportunities–differently. It helps to come together to discuss, learn, and create better understanding of the whole.

Our name, The Welcome Elephant, refers to the powerful act of a leadership team regularly addressing the most difficult topics together.

For leadership teams, welcoming elephants is simple–but not easy. Our small team of expert facilitators can help your team improve your culture and results by facilitating the practice of welcoming the elephants into your regular meetings.

Welcome–we’re looking forward to working with you.


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