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Workshops and Programs

Practice Makes Culture™️

The Welcome Elephant team offers workshops and programs that emphasize regular practice and behavior change techniques to help change individual and team behaviors, and organizational culture.

Facilitating Culture-Defining Meetings (Workshop)

Meetings are one of the main arenas for your enterprise: where collaboration happens, where ideas are explored, where plans are solidified, where decisions get made. They are also where culture is most visible, and therefore where culture can most be influenced.


In this workshop we will practice techniques that can help you facilitate meetings that are more inviting, effective, and culture-changing. Problem-solving, collaboration and innovation depend deeply on trust and psychological safety. From the way you open a meeting to the way you facilitate the discussions and activities within your meetings, you can create the conditions for that safety.


Further increase the value and ROTI (return on time invested) of decision-making meetings–leading to meaningful decisions that stick while decreasing organizational friction--by understanding Sam Kaner’s Diamond of Participatory Decision Making. Learn to see the agenda as a journey of divergence and convergence, and learn some techniques to facilitate a group through that journey. In the process, you can help each participant engage more fully and learn more about the business system such that they feel more ownership and are better stewards of your company.

This 90 minute workshop may be delivered in a conference setting or at a client for up to 60 participants, and may be delivered in person or remotely. Agile 2022 conference example 

Raising the Bench: Adding Training to Everyday Meetings (Workshop)

If you're a leader or a leadership coach, you know that making the time to help leaders gain new skills is tough. Everyone is booked solid in meetings. However, you can redesign your everyday meetings to include leadership skills practice. We're not talking about spending additional time in the meeting, but rather designing and facilitating meetings specifically with leadership skills practice in mind.


An added benefit: these redesigned working meetings provide what simple training does not: Immediate, relevant skills practice while completing meaningful work. Leave this workshop with a worksheet and written plan for a redesigned meeting one that accelerates the growth of the amazing leaders you work with. 

This 90 minute workshop may be delivered in a conference setting or at a client for up to 60 participants, and may be delivered in person or remotely. Agile 2023 conference example 

Facilitative Leadership Program

Your organization is changing, adopting business agility principles and practices. You, too, are undergoing a personal transformation aligned to that change: A more facilitative interaction and leadership style is required to bring siloed groups together to address tough issues, and to collectively create transparency and whole system improvement.

Participants of the Facilitative Leadership Program learn and practice facilitative leadership behaviors, as well discuss how to more effectively design interactions and to lead and influence culture-changing meetings. 

Much of this program focuses on behavior, inclusion, empowerment and conflict as experienced in meetings: Meetings are where facilitative behaviors are most easily practiced and observed, where culture can be most quickly influenced and changed.

The Facilitative Leadership Program is part of our Practice Makes Culture™️ programs and workshop series, offered as a quarterly habit formation program for 5-25 participants.

This program is designed for a cohort of one of the following:

  • Executive or senior leadership team wanting to bring about rapid culture change

  • Agile, devops, lean, and digital transformation and change leaders

  • Intra-departmental or value stream leadership teams  

  • Business agility leaders outside of technology (Marketing, Legal, Corporate Development, etc.)


Practice sessions include

  1. Facilitative Leadership Behaviors and New Habit Formation

  2. Practice the Change You Want to See: Team and Meeting Practice

  3. Leading/Facilitating Culture-Changing Meetings

  4. Facilitating Difficult Meetings & Conflict

  5. Designing Culture-Changing Meetings

  6. Creating a Continuing Practice for Sustaining Organizational Change


When an engaged cohort practices together, they create the foundation of sustaining culture change: Better business results and happier humans.

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