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Leadership Coaching

Your organization is changing, adopting business agility principles and practices. You, too, are undergoing a personal transformation aligned to that change: A more facilitative interaction and leadership style is required to bring siloed groups together to address tough issues, and to collectively create transparency and whole system improvement.

We provide 1:1, team or cohort-based mentoring and coaching.

1:1 Coaching and Mentorship

As a 1:1 coach and mentor, your Leadership Coach meets with you regularly to set goals; check in on your plans, practice and results; provide feedback and be your thinking partner as you lead change and model the culture you want to build on your team and in your organization. Leverage deliberate practice to create new habits that inspire and influence, modeling a lean-agile mindset and behaviors that improve business results and employee engagement:

  • reinforce clarity around purpose and strategy

  • encourage a learning mindset–good enough over perfection–in words and actions

  • lead by influencing and through empathy

  • practice creating the psychological safety that invites others to lean in with their best ideas and insights

  • actively empower those around you to lead, perform and innovate


We can optionally begin the coaching engagement with a Leadership Circle 360 assessment. Understand your personal brand--how you are perceived by those around you. The instrument collects data and feedback from superiors, employees, and peers to provide a holistic view of how you show up as a leader. The Welcome Elephant coaches are certified and expert to interpret the results and use them to co-create with you a development plan that will help you more often lead from creative states.


Team Coaching

When a leadership team practices together, organizational culture and results change quickly! With observation of team meetings, feedback on behaviors and language, and coaching on whole team interactions, the team can become healthy and high-performing.


Team coaching can optionally begin with a Collective Leadership Assessment™️ which delivers a powerful “litmus” test of collective leadership effectiveness for teams. Used for a leadership team, the Collective Leadership Assessment is a robust view of where employees view current collective leadership effectiveness compared to the desired collective effectiveness. The “gap” in collective effectiveness, between current and desired, instantly reveals opportunities for development. Additionally, the Collective Leadership Assessment compares the effectiveness of your team against a global database.


Cohort Development

A cohort of participants in the Facilitative Leadership Program, meets in regular sessions and discusses how to design more effective interactions and how to lead and influence culture-changing meetings. Much of this program focuses on behavior, language, empowerment and conflict as experienced in meetings: Meetings are where facilitative behaviors are most easily practiced and observed, where culture can be most quickly influenced and changed. Program participants learn new behaviors and language and then practice between sessions, holding each other accountable to practice in meetings and interactions. 

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