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Better Business Results and Happier Humans


We believe that what you practice as an individual leader—and as a leadership team—defines your culture

We've seen that you can rapidly change your results and your culture if you practice.

Practice Makes Culture™️


Expert Facilitation

We provide expert, executive-level facilitation that nudges leadership teams to work better together. We work with you to craft meeting experiences that result in improved alignment, decisions, prioritization, and execution.

Leadership Coaching

We provide 1:1, team, or cohort-based mentoring and coaching to help you develop and practice a more facilitative interaction and leadership style, required to address tough issues and to create transparency and whole system improvement. 

Transformation Consulting

We are thoughtful design and implementation partners in creating positive change.

The Welcome Elephant team members have decades of experience partnering with executives who are leading change, helping extended leadership teams improve your results and culture.

We also offer workshops and practice programs designed to improve your everyday meetings, everyday teamwork, everyday culture.

Let's improve every day.

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