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Raising the Bench at Grace Hopper

Last week, I had the incredible experience of attending–and speaking at–my first Grace Hopper Celebration #GHC conference.

It was extraordinary to share space with ~30,000 women and non-binary technologists. I loved feeling the energy of so many people–most early- and mid-career–pursuing their own next goals while also being inspired to create a more inclusive, equitable future.

Christine Hudson and I contributed with our workshop “Raising the Bench,” in which we share ideas for redesigning everyday meetings so that they can double as “practice time”, as places for leadership training and skills practice. In these updated meetings, everyone, from individual contributors to next level leaders (the bench!), improves together, building skills for their current roles… and their next!

With the help of our amazing colleagues Cheryl Crupi, Lieschen Gargano and BJ Miller, we guided 795 (!) attendees to adjust the agenda of one of their meetings to incorporate rounds of training, practice-–and feedback. We can’t wait to hear how they go!

Learn more about Raising the Bench here:


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