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You are trying define and re-define your organizational culture so that people can bring their best selves every day to your team's endeavors. We hope these resources help.

Presentations by The WE

PDFs of presentations we've delivered at conferences and user groups

PDF of slides from our Grace Hopper Celebration 2023 Level Up Lab workshop entitled "Raising the Bench: Helping Multiple Levels of Leaders Grow Together."

Updated Abstract:

As a leader or aspiring leader, you know that finding time to gain new skills is tough. Everyone is booked solid in meetings.

However, you can redesign your everyday meetings to include leadership training and skills practice. We’re not talking about spending additional time in the meeting, but rather designing and facilitating meetings specifically with leadership skills practice and feedback in mind.

Redesigned working meetings–especially those where multiple levels of leaders actively participate–also provide what simple training does not: Immediate, relevant skills practice while completing meaningful work.

Leave this workshop with a worksheet and written plan for a redesigned meeting–one that accelerates the growth of the amazing people you work with.

Warning: These meetings may also change your team culture.

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